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Interview with Anders Nilsson about Starlight Brigade



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"De som idag förgäves trånar efter sådant som inte längre finns på scen och därför går och tittar på Brit Floyd eller P-Floyd, skaffa Starlight Brigades tre plattor, det är en mer framåtsyftande och mindre navelskådande lösning. "

"Destination Eternity is an album that deserves multiple listening's so to appreciate it fully. Nice stuff indeed. Recommended!!"
ProGGnosis. Marc Canada.

“Destination Eternity” is an amazing atmospheric prog rock album that deserves your time & money no matter what..."

Destination Eternity." There are excellent performances throughout the album, some lovely vocal harmonies and fine guitar
 and keyboards. Across the fifteen tracks, what stands out is the consistency of the song writing and the band’s performance in delivering them."
TBA Mel Allen, UK

"and absolute gem in this series of Groups; Starlight Brigade (Destination Eternity) is very powerful and melodic."
Russian prog blog.

Destination Eternity "made of reflective moments but also of excellent choruses and harmonies typical of the north-School European." Italy

"To get an idea, think a mix of the more commercial side of Barclay James Harvest, '80s Camel, Alan Parsons, the hard rocking UK project Forcefield (including Cozy Powell), the recently featured here Don Airey's K2, and a touch of Pink Floyd and you have an approach of Starlight Brigade's sound. Highly Recommended" Odayrox


Across The Milky Way

The opening track from Destination Eternity

"They have produced three solid albums to date, all the while, subtly perfecting their sound. I look forward to hearing what comes next from Nilsson and Starlight Brigade."



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