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Starlight Brigade is a Swedish Prog/crossover/Melodic-rock band born in 2012. The members has shifted somewhat from album to album a bit like Alan Parson’s Project. Since Anders Nilsson songwriter & producer of the group is heavily into Pink Floyd and other similar groups the influence might shine through sometimes. But inspiration has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it? says Anders. When the first album was almost written he started to make phone calls to musicians he knew would be perfect for the job. It seems like the group glued together as planned with the different flavors each artist brought to the sound. Starlight Brigade has released four CD albums: Under the velvet sky (2013) Into the light (2014) and Destination Eternity (2016) Beyond the Future (2022) Each member of Starlight Brigade has its own long musical history. Peter Sundell is the most known member outside Sweden and has as an example been to LA and recorded with the likes of Steve Lukather in the successful group Grand Illusion. The reviews of Starlight Brigades latest album has been very positive and ‘likes’ from fans on facebook has at this moment passed over 16 000 and keeps on growing.


latest line up:
Anders Nilsson/guitar,keyboards & bass
Peter Hjalmarsson/lead vocal, saxophone & flute
Peter Sundell/lead vocal, male vocal arrangement
Micael Lilja/lead vocal
Anders Landin/guitar, responsible for most solos
Jerry Grimaldi/Bass
Lene Johansson/backing vocal, female vocal arrangement
Jenny Nilsson/backing vocal, female vocal arrangement

Emma Bohman/backing vocal, female vocal arrangement

Håkan Sandberg & Gregg Thomas/ drums

Christian Sundell/ drums

Members who has contributed to earlier albums:
Magnus Lind/lead vocal
Peter Albertsson/guitar solos
Staffan Hagberg /slide guitar
Michael Svenningsson/bass

Jerry Grimaldi

Håkan Sandberg

Lene Johansson

Karin Hallström

Anders Nilsson

Anders Landin

Peter Sundell

Peter Hjalmarsson

Michael Lilja

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