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We have received many quotes from listeners on email, blogs, music forums, Facebook etc. We don't want to publish any names without permission therefor we put some here and thank you for taking an interest in our music. Since so many different languishes has been used we have done our best to translate them as close to the original as possible.  We can't possibly write them all down but hopefully those who seem to appreciate us the most.

“Beautiful and clear music from these Swedes.  Listened without missizng a heartbeat.  Anders Nilsson and Anders Landin guitars are good for David Gilmour with Floydish approach. Emphasizing on Moonlight From a Starry Sky. Be sure to listen to their previous album.”  Dan E

“Good album, soft, pleasant, clean vocals full of soul.”  VR

“Excellent. Just listen to Fly On on YouTube - hear both albums.” MD

“Excellent!  Great!  Listening to the album for the fifth time and fall in love with their music!”  SH

“Lovely album. Beautiful and relaxing music!” SV

“As an avid CD collector I would love to purchase CDs from you. I really like your work!” .J

“It's a great music that you've done, I like it very much . I'm a collector of progressive music and I get a big archive of that music genre”. R

“I really like your music,the song samples are amazing!” B

“ It would be big joy and an honor for me  to promote your music on the air of Polish Radio PiK.”Adam

Best of prog contest 2014 in Brazil nominee Starlight Brigade/We should have learned


Starlight Brigade/ Under the velvet sky Rating: 10/10

Starlight Brigade/Into the light Rating: 9/10 Russian forum

“On their first album "Under the Velvet Sky" more progressive moments and influences from Floyd, the second "Into the Light" more song-oriented and reminded me of solo albums Tony Carey as vocal and musical.  Each album in its own good and melodious. “

“while the first album all the same is more suitable for the AOP, the end of all still sinking into progressiv.A influence of Pink Floyd  obvious, especially on the second album! Sometimes it seems as Gilmore plays the guitar”

“Their music is simply mesmerizing.”

“Very melodic, up to a certain "Variety."  And, from time to time (not often), fragments, forcing to recall Pink Floyd.”

“there are unobtrusive, and at the same time pleasant melodies, calm in at the same time attracting damn good vocals”

“In my not pretentious taste about the work of this team deserves high marks.  Really very easy, positive and touches the soul.

“Good album! I like the vocals”

“Very melodic and professional”

“Great album.  Great band.  Calmly and without straining to much to sound like other bands.”

“Moonlight From A Starry Sky is my favorite  -   ... the rest is just as good.”

“Summer song” absolute wonderful

“The backing vocals are really good. Top notch.”

“Across  the milky way” Powerful!

“Your songs are an inspiration for many good things in life”

“Your music is like a journey”

“I haven’t had such pleasure from music for a long time! It's simple and brilliant, incomparable vocals, guitarist are masters of there craft !! ! Some tracks are the influence by Floyd obvious, especially on the second album! All in all, I love both albums and dwell in the list of the best !!! Thank you again for your hard work !!! "

“Across The Milky Way-well, very smart thing, and the whole album is just as beautiful.”

“A big thank to the author of the album Destination Eternity unique musical beauty and melody, space guitars and the vocals are very beautiful

“This album turned out to be of high quality, melodic  and very beautiful.”

 “ All three albums – excellent!

You know,  novelty effect plays a role, since you probably heard the first two albums. But all is still there and the melodies are well perceived on the third!

Across The Milky Way-well, very smart thing, and the whole album is beautiful.’

‘Thank you very much to the author of the album unique musical beauty, melody, space guitars and vocals are very beautiful ... PS According to more melodic such groups.’

‘A high quality, melodic and very beautiful album it turned out to be.’

‘All three albums - excellent and at the proper level.’

‘The day before yesterday listened. Very good!’

‘SUPLEX! Thank you for the novelty! Chic concept album, in the spirit of flourishing art rock 70s, more interesting than the previous one, a bright flow vocals, neo-prog in all its glory is represented! I am very happy that today I heard it! She Can Be Forgiven such a thrill!’

‘Good melodic gathered under the starlight, like an album, had the occasion, and the early-listen. Pleased with the guys.’

‘That this album has happy pleasant melodies, as well as a romantic atmosphere, as befits the Star Light Brigade.’

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